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Time travel back to summer 2016 in NYC!

I just added the Green Amethyst earring (#300) to my website. It flows well with the Labradorite and Green Amethyst necklace (#185). This necklace was the first time I combined two different colored semiprecious stones in one layer…but made it long enough to be wrapped into two layers. Around the same time, I made the Citrine and Cognac Quartz necklace (#221). Both these sets were inspired by my time spent in NYC last summer. I cannot resist sharing this sunset picture I took from Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir in Central Park.

Summer 2016 was spent truly immersing myself in “City Escape” mood: I worked in different studios, took classes, used to go jogging in Central Park!

Till next time. Rinku.


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