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Creating functional art is a labor of love for me. I believe art and architecture are limitless and universal, whether it be a tastefully designed living space or a nice piece of wearable art.

Jewelry art is a practice that goes back to the Stone Ages, a universal form of self-expression embedded in all cultures. My journey of creating jewelry was inspired by this unity. Through jewelry design, I am able to convey my inner visions and connect to people.

I have always sought to incorporate elements from around the world into my jewelry. Examples include Roman glass pieces, traditional Japanese mixed-metal sheets, natural stones from Sri-Lanka and more. My pieces have all been handcrafted or hand-assembled. I especially love to experiment with geometric shapes, metals (usually silver, copper, bronze and brass ), stones, and textures to reflect my inspirations.

My path to jewelry art was an unexpected but meaningful journey. My formative years were spent at Visva-Bharti University, founded by the Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore. It was a unique place for nurturing education in nature, art, science and people. There I pursued degrees in Physics. Then, I moved to London and studied Scientific Software Engineering at University of Greenwich and transitioned to healthcare computing. Along the way, I cultivated my artistic sense through interior design projects. For the past several years, I have leveraged my background and artistic bent into a passion for jewelry making. I am primarily self-taught, often identifying my inspirations through world travel, and have also enjoyed taking studio classes in New York City and at the Indiana University School of Fine Arts. I am currently a student of Lucy Walker Jewellery Academy.

Thank you for stopping by my global niche and supporting my mission of connecting and giving back to community!

Rinku Ghosh

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