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My tribute to an ancient Temple of Spirit

New year 2020 started with an amazing journey to the ruins of one of the earliest and most highly civilized cultures of the ancient world. The history of ancient Egypt starts in 3200 BC and ends when Alexander the Great conquered Egypt in 332 BC.

Devastatingly, on my return, the current pandemic COVID-19 broke. All of us have been trying to stay grounded, hoping for normalcy and livelihood to return. During this testing time I take refuge in my basement studio. Time spent there is uplifting. 

I recently handcrafted these earrings inspired by the Giza Plateau of Egypt. The Great Pyramid is the oldest and only surviving of the Seven Wonders of the ancient world. It was built to outlive all of humanity and still stands tall defying time!

The reflection of the Sun from the walls of these several thousand year old pyramids onto the surrounding barren desert landscape dotted with habitation is mind blowing. The pharaohs built these tombs for their eternal life. My jewelries are shaped like an inverse pyramid lifting the spirit up and out.

The hand carved, painted and glazed stone beads show the ancient craftsmanship of Luxor, Egypt. The stone columns in the picture are ruins of Karnak temple in Luxor. All covered in Egyptian antique hieroglyphs. 

Together we will weather this Covid Tsunami. Wishing all, the best of health and spirits.Till next time,




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