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Welcome 2023!

Respecting Time is a mantra to keep the momentum of Life. Time changes, we do our best and move on. Hope and pray 2023 bestows a lot of positivity for this Good Earth.

I just came back from incredible Vietnam and the mighty Himalyan region of India. Time and money were invested, I came back richer! Attaching a few pictures from my recent visits.

Halong Bay, Vietnam. UNESCO's World Natural Heritage

Kangchenjunga, the highest mountain in India, 28169 ft

My restless mind craves for something new I learn and then try to bring it to my creative world to share with you! Look at these Lacquered finished earrings I am wearing. These are from my visit to Vietnam! Simple yet vibrant in color and speaks heritage. I don't see myself learning the new technique yet, but I get motivated to bring color and joy into our lives using Dry Enameling.

Till next time. Thanks!


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Supriya Arcot
Supriya Arcot
23 de jan. de 2023

You have surely wetted my appetite . This is now on our must-visit list .

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