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Time and techniques in cross cultural jewelry making

I have heard that seeing earth from space (even at sub Orbital distance where you barely see the Earth's curvature) changes fundamental perceptions of life. You don't see national boundaries!

My life has evolved in 3 continents (born and raised in India, studied and lived in UK, finally making USA my Home for last 29 yrs.). Yes, the cultural boundaries exist but crossing the boundaries makes us better shepherds on Earth.

In India making jewelry is different than what it is in the Western world. I often felt that it is not appreciated as much. Where as in that part of world, the tools are basic (it is changing but at a different pace within India. Eastern India is relatively non robust in adapting technology for reasons beyond the scope of this blog!). They learned to achieve so much with so little giving their entire life in manual craftsmanship. In western world, thanks to technology, much advanced tools are available. Levels of affordability are there, it takes time to learn the tools but Time is respected. Time is just as much a dimension as any of the spatial ones. In my jewelry making, I like to express my creativity through my labor of love while honoring time.

The attached picture is a necklace with Citrine pendant in 18K gold. While visiting Srilanka, I hand picked the stone, designed it and got it crafted by a local unknown karigar(artist). It crossed boundaries from Srilanka to India to USA and became part of my jewelry-making journey.

Till next time. Thanks!



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