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Time travel across cultures

It gives me immense pleasure to blend the spirits of different Cultures and Times, and to create a space of harmony for our soul. My travels from Ancient Egypt to Modern Iceland, from Colorful and Vibrant Africa to Minimalist Far East Asia, have all been humbling yet eye opening experiences! My world became bigger through them.

I put together my first African piece around six years ago, craving a soul searching journey. It has irregular resin beads and bronze finish hardware from different parts of the African continent. The fiery orange on shades of brown is so powerful yet soothing!

I would like to share these uplifting lines from a song written by Nobel Laureate in literature Rabindranath Tagore, founder of the institution where I was privileged to  spend time during my formative years. The original was written in Bengali and the following is a translation by Shailesh Parekh (

"A stream of joy flows through the world. Its nectar spills, filling the endless sky. The sun and the moon sip and relish it. It keeps the eternal flame lit. Swept by its waves, the earth is fulfilled. Today, why confine yourself within? Why remain absorbed in self? Look around with an open mind, Forget all your trivial sorrows, Fill your empty life with love."

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